Saturday, May 06, 2006

Transplant time

The first tomato plant is now in the ground, leaving its buddies still in the cold frame. I had a place ready for it and it is supposed to be one that doesn't mind cooler weather. I did wrap clear(ish) plastic around the lower half of the tomato cage in order to block some of the wind. The broccoli and spinach (we've eaten a little too) is really growing and there will be some lettuce for salads soon.

Also transplanted some of the marigolds, cosmos and bachelor's buttons from the cold frame into the garden and seedlings from a neighbor into shade borders. Planted oriental poppies and echinacea at the end of the 2 new beds in the garden. Still lots of rocks to work out. I'm sure it will be time to plant these rows before I have the rocks out. Elsewhere in the yard, the rhododendrons & azaleas are blooming now. Rhodies have fewer flowers this year, but the azalea is just covered.

I'll be away this coming week. Thought I might have some posts ready to go in advance, but it won't happen before my early flight tomorrow! Happy Gardening!

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clodhopper said...

Isn't it just great when you can start picking food from the garden again! Have a good trip.