Sunday, March 26, 2006

Plants 2006 - veggies & flowers

This is where I'll keep the plant list for vegetables & flowers and update throughout the year.


  1. Arugula - purchased Apr 8 @ p-patch, planted Apr 29, Jun 4 now bolting/flowering, Aug 12 sprouting from self sowing -I just don't seem to use it. Sometimes hard to tell it apart from some of the weeds that come up.
  2. Beans Bush, Yellow Romano - Aug 10 first meal, good, tender
  3. Beans Pole, Helda - end of July top of structure, Aug 10 first meal; Oct. vines are dieing back.
  4. Beans Pole, Scarlet Emperor, end of July top of structure, hummingbird loved them too. Pick young, pick young, pick young, Oct. vines look good still. Lots of large beans I gave up picking
  5. Broccoli, Packman - Mar 28 purchased & planted. Growing! May 16 huge leaves, heads starting to form, Jun 4 have eaten 5 of 6 main stalks & letting side shoots grow.
  6. Broccoli, blend of varieties-seeds, sowed, Aug 12-young heads, main heads eaten some time ago, Oct. eating side shoots
  7. Carrot, Gold Mine-free seeds & from DH parents, Aug 12-ate 2, Oct. 1, Oct 7 had a nice ones
  8. Gourd, Birdhouse-from DH parents, rototilled spot Jun 3, Aug 10-climbing fence, Oct 7-found one on the gound this morning, probably knocked off by the squirrel. Many are still quite small.
  9. Lettuce mixture-some growth remaining from last fall, sowed more Apr 2, sowed more in late May, Aug 11-still eating
  10. Lettuce, London Springs Mix-Apr 2 sowed in garden, varieties with red leaves, Apr 29 growing, nice mix. Aug 10-sowed more, eating Sept-Oct. Flashy Trout's Back is a favorite. Love the colors in this mix too.
  11. Parsnips, Harris Model - Need to add parsnips according to Clodhopper, Apr 1 purchased seeds. Sprouted. Oct. little white roots, finally with some light now that the zucc. & beans are trimmed back.
  12. Peas Snap, Cascadia - Mar 19 sowed in garden, Mar 25 something sprout but may not be a pea; Apr 1- 3 sprouts; Apr 3- 21 sprouts, Jun 2 noticed first flowers, Aug 10-about done
  13. Peas Snow, Oregon Sugar Pod II-Aug 10 sowed, Oct. 7 climbing
  14. Pumpkin, Dill's Atlantic- rototilled space June 3, Aug 10 flowering, Oct. 7 havest 1
  15. Pumpkin, Snackjack-Aug 10-lots of green pumpkins, harvested Oct. 1
  16. Pumpkin, Wyatt's Wonder-Aug 10 flowering, Oct. 7 harvest 1
  17. Radish - seeds remaining from 1998 gift, planted Mar 28, many sprouts Apr 8, thin to 1-2 inches apart, Apr 29 cute baby radishes, May 14 1st harvest, Jun 1 finished
  18. Rhubarb - May 29 starts from M & R, planted
  19. Spinach, Catalina - Mar 28 purchased & planted. Ate some Apr 30; May 16 they've grown a lot, Jun 4 have eaten a lot but now they are huge, new leaves very krinkly for some reason
  20. Spinach - Aug 10-sowed, Oct. 1 transplanted crowded plants.
  21. Squash-volunteer from last year ornamentals - lots on the bush, all harvested late Sept.
  22. Tomato, Oregon Spring-Purchased Apr 8 @Picardo p-patch, very early, adapted for NW, Apr 29 -in the cold frame, one with blossoms, May 20 in the ground w protection. Sunflowers grew around it so it didn't get much sun. Only a few tomatoes
  23. Tomato, Stupice - Apr 8, very early, cold-tolerant; May 6 in the ground with wind protection-late July first meal. Some splitting after Sept rains.
  24. Tomato, Sungold - Apr 8 yellow-orange cherry tomato, May 20 in the ground, late July-first meal - this is my favorite!
  25. Tomato, Sweet Baby Girl - Apr 8 should resist splitting , May 20 in the ground, late july-first meal. After Sept rains, some splitting. Ok, not as sweet as sweet million
  26. Zucchini, Revenue seeds from 2005 - May 28 planted 8 seeds to thin to 4 plants much further apart than last year, June 4 four have sprouted, in July started eating.


  1. Alyssum, Carpet of Snow-Apr 1 seeds, Aug 11-trimmed & hope for more flowers, Oct. it's been flowering again
  2. Bachelors Buttons Mix (seeds from 1999)-Mar 25 in starter tray, some sprouted Mar 30, most sprouted by Apr 1. May 6 transplated to garden, blue, lavender, pink, Sept-collected seeds
  3. Coreopsis, tinctoria Mixture-Apr 1 seeds, Don't think these grew.
  4. Cosmos, Sonata Mix-Mar 25 in starter trays, some seedlings Mar 28, most sprouted by Apr. 1, May 6 transplanted to garden. 2006-the year of the cosmos!
  5. Echinacea Mix - sp 24", in ground May 6 - Nice!
  6. Fuchsia-Apr 1 purchased starts 2 for $1 & potted hanging basket; most did great. Patio hanger dried out too often.
  7. Geraniums-Apr 1 purchased starts 2 for $1, potted and outside Apr 29
  8. Geraniums, Ivy-Apr 1 purchased starts 2 for $1, & potted hanging baskets.
  9. Marigolds, Mr. Majestic- Mar 25 planted in starter trays, some seedlings Mar 28, most sprouted by Apr 1, Apr 8 small true leaves some roots showing need potted.; May 6 transplated to garden. Really liked the orange marigolds so I saved seeds.
  10. Mystery flowers - Mar 25 in starter trays, Apr 8 many small seedlings
  11. Oriental Poppy - Papaver orientale 'Karine' pink flowers, May 6 in ground, Jun 4 has flower buds, Aug 11-has flowered & still has a bud, early Oct - still flowering!
  12. Rudbeckia Hirta, Black-Eyed Susan perennial, Aug-flowering-great this year
  13. Sunflower, Italian White-free seeds - These are beautiful!
  14. Sunflower, Sunseed - great again this year, birds enjoy
  15. Sunflower, red - self seeded from last year, birds love these
  16. Sunflowers mixed 10 years worth of assorted seeds - fun!

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