Sunday, March 26, 2006

Plants 2006 herbs & other

This is where I'll keep my plant list. I cannot find the notebook where I wrote plants & dates last year. This should be better ... as I doubt I'll loose the computer! Note: Vegetables & annual flowers are in the other list.

  1. Basil, 1991 seeds! - Mar 25 planted in starter trays, some sprouted Mar 30, Apr 3 lots of sprouts; May 16 into pots
  2. Basil, Holy Red - Mar 25 in starter trays, Apr 3 many sprouts; May 16 into pots
  3. Borage-Self-seeded from last year & growing, love the flowers & the bees; May 14 flowering
  4. Catnip-planted 2005, new growth is up but the cats have found it already
  5. Chives-nice growth of leaves, these moved with me from AL 14 yrs ago; May 16 some flowers opening
  6. Lavender, Munstead - Mar 25 planted in starter trays. Mar 30 some sprouted. Had good luck sprouting last year. Gave many away and lost several to summer heat before getting them in the ground. Trying again.
  7. Lavender, Spanish-some damage from a recent frost, but more new growth developing
  8. Lemon Balm-new growth showing & fragrant, this moved with me in 2004
  9. Mint-new growth barely showing, moved with me in 2004 & is planted in a container in the ground to discourage wandering.
  10. Oregano-new growth showing
  11. Parsley, curly leaf-planted 2005, new growth is beautiful & tasty
  12. Rosemary
  13. Sage-planted 2005
  14. Thyme-all sorts, some moved with me in 2004, some new in 2005.

Trees/shrubs/etc. - to add more to the list later
Ornamental cherry trees -Mar 26 first few flowers open, Apr 10 full bloom, some petals falling
Star Magnolia - Mar 26 blooming
Pear trees - Apr 3 two are blooming
Rainier cherry tree - Apr 10 blooming

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Judith said...

A very nice blog - I have also used my blog to record my seed sowings so far this year.

Keep up the hard work.